The Passow Lab is on the move!

Monday, May 7, 2018

The Passow lab is on the move....and looking for graduate students and post docs!!!!

The Passow lab is getting ready to explore new territory. We will be moving to the Department of Ocean Sciences (DOS) at Memorial University, St. John’s, NL Canada. For a transition period we will still be at UCSB to close out the ongoing projects while simultaneously starting new exiting projects out Northeast. One of the new Canadian projects addresses oil spill response – more specifically particle – oil –dispersant interactions. How do different dispersants effect marine oil snow formation? How does marine oil snow formation impact oil degradation? These and similar questions will be investigated as part of a large effort by the Canadian government to prepare for future oil spills. Currently I’m looking for several graduate students and a post-doc to join me in Newfoundland and work with me on these questions. If you are interested please contact Uta at Send your CV with a brief introduction of your background and why you are interested, as well as when you would be available to start.